Hello World!

You are reading my very first post in this blog. First post ever. It is my debut, but I was thinking about making my own blog since a very long time. I just could not motivate myself to start writing but it finally happened. It took so long also, because everything I do, I make the best I can. That’s why it had to be on my own domain and hosting, not some non-professional-looking 5-min-to-start blogs. The only thing I’m not entirely happy is a free template but let’s just make one step at a time 🙂


This blog was created to give me some space to write. Just that. I’m not really sure how things are going to be in future but I wanted to share my thoughts, tips, and adventures while going through QA career. I don’t have a final form of this blog in mind. I’m almost sure that this page will be changing in future, adjusting to my job, interests, and my awesome reader’s interests 🙂


…and me

On a daily basis, I’m a Quality Assurance Specialist and this job will be probably the main topic on this blog. I’m also interested in test automation, new technologies and network/software security.
In my free time, I’m taking photos, riding a bicycle and dreaming about traveling the world but I’m not going to write here about it. However, we can still talk about it on Twitter (@m_dymek).